If we look around Africa and world in general we find so much misery and suffering of human beings. We find hunger, famine, extreme poverty, unemployment, diseases like HIV AIDS, drug addicts not only among adults but among school children as well, abandoned babies, orphans, disabled and handicapped children and the aged, violence, conflicts and terrorism which have taken millions of helpless innocent lives, harassment, corruption and misuse of tax payers money and the list goes on.


We have polluted rivers, lakes and seas - destroying marine life, some of which are on the verge of extinction, and made water unsuitable for human consumption. Many species of wild life and other species of nature have been destroyed. Owing to insatiable greed and selfishness we have damaged the ozone layer, wiped out entire forests, which enable much needed rain for human survival and keep eco-balance of most needed oxygen in the air. With global warming the ice in the Artic Ocean have started melting at an unprecedentant rate and it has been forecast that within the next five to seven years sea water level will increase by one to one and a half meters eroding huge swathes of coastal lines of many countries of the world.


With so much suffering and multi faceted problems we sometime feel gloomy and depressed and wonder if there is any hope for humanity. There is so much to be done.


No doubt there are organizations and people who are doing very commendable humanitarian work. Organisation like Green Belt Movement

and Save the Earth are trying their best to preserve the nature and bring awareness to governments, institutions and people concerned about the impending danger humanity faces if this situation is allowed to continue.


We as Theosophists though few in number have our responsibility and duty to play our part to reduce the suffering of the people and destruction of nature.


A Master of the Wisdom once wrote: “Let every theosophist do only his duty, that which he can and ought to do - and very soon the sum of the human misery, within and around the areas of every Branch of your Society will be found visibly diminished”.


C. W. Leadbeater in his small booklet “The Hidden Side Of Lodge Meetings” states that every Lodge of this Society is a centre of interest to the Great Master of Wisdom, and when it works loyally their thoughts and those of their pupils are frequently turned towards it. In this way a force much greater than our own may shine out from our gatherings and an influence of inestimable value is sent in the area around it.


Our mind is a powerful instrument. It creates energy, which effects the world in far distance place. Let us be channels for the Great Ones for disseminating harmony and peace in the world.




Let us resolve to send healing and helpful vibrations during our prayer, meditation and Lodge Meetings to the suffering humanity and other kingdoms of nature, to the leaders of the countries to give them the vision to see the impending danger facing humanity and the nature.


Let us resolve that we will make a point to attend regularly Lodge Meetings to send beneficial vibrations for the welfare of the humanity and our planet.


Lastly also resolve that we will continue and increase the wonderful work we are doing through Theosophical Order of Service. There is scope for further efforts in this direction.


With to love to all members.


Kiran H Shah



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